Los Angeles Film Awards ( LAFA )

Winning an award for one’s hard work is indeed one of the most deeply joyful moments that one can ever get in one’s life. Being a Music Video in a foreign language, it is even more heartening to see the appreciation and acceptance “Ghar Jaana Hai : The Stories Untold” received in Los Angeles Film Awards, 2017.  The video addresses a Global issue : Climate Change with the backdrop being Drought and Migration. At the same time it’s picturization and presentation are very rooted and local to one of the most drought affected areas in India, Kantabanji. It got the “Honorable Mention: Music Video” award at the prestigious LAFA. This encourages  me to work further on such projects and through such highly meaningful music create awareness on different social issues. Here is the kind message from the Jury at LAFA:
Dear Konark,
Congratulations to you for winning an Honorable Mention: Music Video! Our jury loved your work on Ghar Jaana Hai : The Stories Untold, and we hope you take pride in it!
Thank you for being a part of LAFA17! ❤
Best Regards,
Nami, Roy and the LAFA team

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